Katlyn Horsecollar is a character created by MykieThomas.  Originally developed in August of 2012. She is the seven-year-old birth daughter of Tutor Horace, and is the crossbreed of both a horse and a cow.

Sword fighting, fencing, archery and most other similar sports to those 
mentioned. She likes to draw and paint in her spare time.
Closest Allies
Tutor Horace Horsecolar (Katlyn's father), King Mickey, Elizabeth or "Betsy" (Clarabelle's Niece, Katlyn's sister)
Captain Pete, all Weasel Guards.
Normally sweet, shy yet open around her father, sisters and cousin, confident in 
her abilities, very sensitive, easily hurt, easily angered,  happiest when she 
is around her father.

Abandoned by her birth mother as a child, she is taken in by chance under the Tutor's care, and allowed by the King to live with them in the kingdom. As the bond grows between Katlyn and the Tutor, he adopts her as his own child, only to realize that she had been his all along. He had been formerly married to Katlyn's birth mother, leaving her years before Katlyn's birth.
Horaceland father and daughter by dalia1784-d5orgdr
Regrdless of the Tutor's strict nature, Katlyn is naturally very loyal to him and often does what she can to please him. And in result to this, aside from his strictness, he is very kind to Katlyn and often displays it.

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