Welcome to the HoraceLand Wiki

HoraceLand is a Disney fan made webcomic, which sets up numerous stories with comedic, dramatic, and action packed situations revolving around the various counterparts of Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow interacting with one another.

This Disney-related wiki was named after a barn themed amusement park Horace revealed on House of Mouse called "Horace Land."

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"I call it Horaceland!"

The Story

HoraceLand tells the tales and adventures of the Horace and Clarabelle of different universes interacting with one another told in short stories as the connect to one main story.

The story goes that on December 23 a stone from space breaks itself and forms a bridge spanding across the multiverse, Tutor Horace (from The Prince and The Pauper is the first to discover this and uses it to see the other universes.

Latest activity

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